T-Mobile/SPRINT Professional Voicemail Greetings, Auto Attendant Recordings, Music On-Hold Recordings

If you have T-MOBILE/SPRINT as your phone service system for your business, you can get professional business phone greetings recorded from Macryn Voice Greetings We’ll make your business Sound Great!

Professional phone greetings can be recorded into your office phones…or, directly into your Cell Phone/Mobile Phone/Smart Phone!

We can record a custom voicemail greeting, after hours messages, automated attendant messages and Music with Messages & Commercials while your callers are placed On-Hold.  

We will also help write your scripts for all of your phone greetings and messages!

Macryn Voice Greetings can help enhance your company image, impress your callers… and make your business sound more credible!

Our professional voice talent will record all of your T-Mobile/Sprint phone greetings and messages from our broadcast quality, sound-proof studio so you can be sure you’ll receive the highest quality, crystal clear recordings.

Excellent, High Quality Voice Recordings. Personalized Service.  Professional Voice Talent. Script Writing Assistance. Fast Delivery.  Great Prices!

Pricing starts at ONLY $100!

***In addition to our American English Voice Talent, we offer other languages as well!  We can provide you with highly skilled Spanish Voice Talent, French-Canadian Voice Talent, Chinese Voice Talent, British Voice Talent…and more!  Just ask!


Your custom voice recordings can be sent via email where you simply save them into your computer and then upload them into your T-Mobile/Sprint business phone system.  Or, if you are using a cell phone/mobile/smart phone for your business, we can dial directly in and record custom professional phone greetings for you.

Hear samples of our Voicemail Greetings, Virtual Automated Attendant, IVR Voice Prompts and On-Hold Music with messages and commercials here:




Voice Talent/Languages: American English, Spanish, French-Canadian, Chinese, British, Arabic, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, ...and more languages!

Watch How We Can Make Your Business "Sound Great"!

Macryn Voice Greetings supplies professional phone recordings for most all types of business phones, cell phones, mobile phones, smart phones, virtual PBX systems, and VOIP sytems.

You’ll get personalized service, great prices…and fast delivery!

We’ll make you and your business SOUND GREAT!


Here is a list of many of the VOIP, PBX, VIrtual PBX and Cloud based phone systems and providers we can provide professional voice recordings for:

  • ✓ RingCentral ✓ Grasshopper ✓  Vonage ✓  8X8 ✓  Verizon ✓  AT&T ✓  Jive ✓  Spectrum VOIP ✓  Sharpen ✓  Ooma ✓  Comcast ✓  Xfinity ✓  Voice Edge ✓  Spectrum ✓  Spectrum Voice ✓  DialPad ✓  CoreDial ✓  Intermedia ✓  Hosted America ✓  InnoVoip ✓  RingByName ✓  Vodafone ✓ Trixbox ✓  Panasonic ✓  Mitel ✓  Elastix ✓  FreedomVoice ✓  GoDaddy SmartLine ✓  Avaya ✓  Cisco ✓  Shoretel ✓  Panasonic ✓  Megapath ✓  Cisco ✓  Virtual PBX ✓  T-Mobile/SPRINT ✓  Galaxy ✓  CallCentric ✓  Fonality ✓  Quantum Voice ✓  Alliance ✓  Speakeasy ✓  DingoTel ✓  Gizmo ✓  Onsip ✓  WOW ✓  OneBox ✓  Nextiva ✓  ATT ✓  VoiceShot ✓ Asterisk ✓ 3cx ✓ XBlue ✓ FreshCaller  …and many more!

    We can record into most any mobile phone/smartphone such as:

    + Apple iPhone  + Samsung   + Android  + Motorola  + Blackberry, etc….

Has the Corona Virus affected your business?

Have your business hours changed?  Inform your customers and keep them updated with professionally recorded Voicemail Greetings, Auto Attendant Recordings and Messages while callers are placed on hold.

Recordings will be delivered ASAP!

Macryn Voice Greetings provides you with highly skilled, professional voice talent heard on phone systems, commercials and narrations worldwide.  Check out our CLIENTS AND TESTIMONIALS.


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